Tank premium fuels for prices of normal fuels!

We buy our products solely from verified and serious suppliers such as OMW and Unipetrol. They meet the strict European criteria and standards. They meet all requirements according to the Slovak fuel quality standards STN EN 590 and STN EN 228. Apart from standard fuels we also offer premium level fuels marked ELITE: fuels for deamanding customers wanting to give their engine something more – Easier cold starts, better lubrication and lower fuel consumption. You can verify the quality by our certificates. The bests proof of it are however satisfied customers who have driven thousands of kilometers without any problems.

Natural Elite 95
Natural Elite 95 unleaded car petrol with additives meeting all European standards. Its remarkable features are high quality and utility properties. The main advantages of Natural Elite 95 are lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, higher output and protection of functional engine parts and fuel system against corrosion.

Diesel Elite
New generation diesel fuel with addives. It is used as a fuel in compression-ignition engines. It keeps the injector nozzles clean and improves the cold start of the engine. It reduces fuel consumption and emissions. It protects the functional engine parts. In comparison with non-additive diesel fuel it has higher cetane number which results especially in shorter ignition delay periods in all driving modes. It improves lubricity and cold starts, anti-corrosion properties. Its lower foamability helps to protect the engine. Its composition reduces the creation of emulsions and sediments thus protecting the engine against wear and decreasing its noise level and the mechanical wear of the crankshaft.

Diesel fuel is a compound of liquid hydrocarbons. It meets all requirements of the European Union. Diesel fuel is used in compression-ignition engines. Diesel fuel is a compound of liquid hydrocarbons extracted from crude oil by refining and distillation. It may contain additives to improve its utility properties such as detergents, lubricants, depressants.

AD Blue
AdBlue is a highly clean solution specially developed for diesel engines with SCR system. AdBlue reduces harmful emissions by means of a chemical reaction. AdBlue consists of demineralized water and urea. It is a colourless, clear liquid with a slight ammonia odour. The solution has no toxic properties and has no aggressive influence on human body.



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